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Upcoming Focus Groups

May 12th, 2020


Essman Research is inviting Iowa residents to participate in a 1-hour research interview on Tuesday, May 12th. The interview will be done remotely as to respect social distancing guidelines. 

Nothing will be promoted or sold. The focus group discussion will deal with your online shopping experiences.


Incentive: $100

Apply to participate here:

We always have new opportunities for you to share your opinions and earn money! Check out our upcoming projects and apply to participate.

Welcome to the SPPG + Essman Research Panel!

The SPPG + Essman Research Panel is made up of a few thousand Iowans just like YOU who represent a cross-section of our state.

As a member of the Panel, you’ll be asked to participate in surveys and research projects about all kinds of topics—some about government, some about products and companies, and some about you and what your life is like.

You’ll also have opportunities for discussion-based research—like paid focus groups in your area or one-on-one interviews over the phone.

We’ll invite you, but you always get to choose if you want to participate or not.

Share your opinion and earn real rewards—sometimes cash, sometimes gift cards, or sometimes an exciting sweepstakes!


Help move Iowa forward by lending your voice to the SPPG + Essman Research Panel.


If you haven’t already joined, just fill out the form below and we will contact you about upcoming research opportunities in your area!


 Click HERE to join today.

Want to learn more? Contact us.
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